The following components can be added to the system to suit your needs:
Spare battery (12-24V)
Auxiliary battery 12-24V truck
Especially recommended for trucks or machinery with disconnectable batteries.
Allows the system to go three days without charging.
Vibration sensor *
Vibration sensor
Very effective for any type of machinery. Detects the machinery's effective working hours based on the vibrations it generates.
* Requires expansion card.
Door opening sensor *
Sensor door opening
Protects the load and ensures doors are not opened for an entire journey. Each time a vehicle door is opened, the system will generate an alert.
* Requires expansion card.
Remote activation relay *
Relay Remote Activation
This accessory allows you to switch off a vehicle engine, turn on its lights or sound the horn, all remotely.
* Requires expansion card.
Current sensor *
Voltage sensor
Recommended for generator units. Detects the actual activity of the unit and informs you if the unit starts or stops generating power.
* Requires expansion card.
Temperature sensor
Temperature sensor
This module controls the temperature of a refrigerator truck; when a predetermined value rises or falls, an alert is generated.
Connection to the thermograph *
Real-time temperature measurements from the truck's thermograph:
  • Thermoking - Model: DLPRO.
  • Carrier - Model: DataCold 500
* Requires expansion card.
Taxi Meter Monitor *
Control taximeter
For taxi drivers who want information about the routes their taxi travels.
Reports on:
  • Routes driven
  • Wait times
* Requires expansion card.
Auxiliary Siren *
Assistant speaker
Sounds in the event of:
  • Fuel theft.
  • Doors being open when NOT authorised.
  • Rapid increases/decreases in temperature.
  • Freezing of the engine.
* Requires expansion card.
Anti-Robbery Kit *
Robbery Prevention Kit
If a robbery is attempted, the driver can press the button.
This generates an alarm.
* Requires expansion card.
Driver identification *
Driver identification
Allows the person driving the vehicle to be identified.
The vehicle can NOT be started until identification is produced. **
Identification is verified by holding the card up to the reader.
The Driving Style report collects information on the infractions committed by each driver.
It generates an alarm if a vehicle is started WITHOUT identification.
* Requires expansion card.
** Requires installation of the Ref. PSP50 RELAY.
Driving Style *
Driving style
Lets you know about any aggressive driving that may take place.
Records episodes of hard acceleration or braking.
MobileFleet allows various speed zones to be configured. Whenever a driver exceeds the speed limit within a zone, a buzzer inside the vehicle sounds until the speed returns to the established parameters.
This infraction is recorded in the Driving Style report.
* Requires expansion card and buzzer.