Stop worrying. MobileFleet will keep you informed.
There's no need for you to check your data continuously.
You can set up a series of alerts that will advise you when a job is not being done correctly, or in the event of an
accident, a theft, etc. MobileFleet makes it easy.
Alerts received by email on your
Alerts received via SMS on your
mobile phone
MobileFleet on your computer and mobile
Scheduling alerts: You decide the time intervals for receiving alerts.
Graphical alerts
Unauthorised start-up alert
Unauthorized starting alert
If a vehicle has been started during an unauthorised time period, MobileFleet will send you an alert.
Fuel theft alert *
Fuel theft alert
MobileFleet monitors the amount of fuel in your vehicle. When the level is low, you will be informed.
Perimeter exit alert
Alert output of a perimeter
You can set a perimeter or circular area from which a vehicle may not leave. If it does, you will be informed.
Arrival at a point alert
Alert arrival at a point
Specify a particular point, e.g., a delivery location, reaching a town, etc. As soon as your vehicle arrives, you will be informed.
Alert. Delivery confirmation
Delivery Confirmation Alert
If a vehicle should make a delivery to a particular place at a specific time, but fails to arrive on time, you will receive an alert indicating the vehicle’s distance from the delivery point.
Alert. Country exit
Alert leaving the country
Each time any of your vehicles crosses the national border, you will be informed.
Rest or activity alert
Alert rest or activity
Monitors the time during which a vehicle or piece of machinery is operating or stopped. When it shuts off or starts up, you will be informed.
Distance covered alert
Alert mileage
A fixed number of kilometres is established. When the vehicle has travelled this number of kilometres, an alert is generated. This feature will advise you when the vehicle needs to be inspected.
Speeding alert
Speeding alert
Suppose you don't want your vehicles to drive over 90 kilometres per hour. If a vehicle exceeds this speed, you can be informed.
Working hours alert
Alert working hours
If a machine or vehicle exceeds a number of working hours set by you, you will be informed.
Generator mode change alert *
Stop alert generator
MobileFleet is capable of detecting when a generator starts to generate current or when it stops. In either case, you will receive an alert.
GPS, GSM, and other alerts
When the system detects a loss of coverage, you will be informed. MobileFleet is also a completely open system, and can be programmed based upon your needs.
Other alerts:
Battery disconnection
Open doors
Acceleration/Deceleration *
Idling time
Loss of GSM
Unidentified Driver
Entry/exit of the work area
By Anti-Robbery Button*
Fuel *
Temperature *
Vibration *
NOTE: The features marked with (*) are those where an accessory must be installed