Avoid fuel thefts
Don't lose another drop
Prevent fuel theft
A real problem
The price of fuel isn't going down, and in times of economic crisis such as these, the fuel tanks of lorries, machinery, generators, etc., are now seen as easy sources of quick money by the criminals involved in this type of theft.
Unfortunately, every day the news contains more and more stories about fuel theft. In the last two years, the percentage of fuel thefts has tripled, turning it into a serious treat for businesses that rely upon fleets or machinery.
If you think that there is even a possibility that fuel theft could happen to you, the best way to start protecting yourself is: VIGILANCE
There are essentially two types of theft:
Tank break-ins - Vandalism
The thief punctures the fuel tank's cap or the tank itself using a pick or other tool, in order to extract the fuel using a hose or a pump.
Break the cap
Solution: MobileFleet will sent you an alert via e-mail/SMS, while at the same time activating an alarm siren.
Re-fueling fraud
The driver fills his truck's tank (for example, 600 litres), and steals part of this by pumping fuel into one or more portable containers (30-40 litres approximately), using this fuel for his personal vehicle.
Deception when refueling
Deception when refueling
MobileFleet measures the number of litres in the tank before and after re-fueling, letting you know exactly how many litres enter the tank during re-fueling.
MobileFleet Anti-Fuel Theft Kit
Product includes:
Deterrent plaque in fuel tank
Warning sign:
To be attached in a visible location on the fuel tank.
Warning sign
Warning sign
GPS localiser
GPS localiser
Alarm siren
Alarm siren
Installation of the anti-theft kit:
Installing the anti-theft kit
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