• GPS vehicle and fleet monitoring
    Whether you work for yourself, run a small business, or help manage a large fleet of vehicles, you now have a simple and effective tool that will allow you to monitor and obtain all of the information you need about your vehicles or machinery, while optimising planning and saving on costs.
    Without a doubt, MobileFleet is the best "partner" you can have.
    GPS vehicle monitoring and fleet
  • Complete management and monitoring for your business
    Real time fleet monitoring: View the location of your entire fleet in real time. Know what your vehicles are doing and whether they are following the proper route, monitor fuel levels, send routes to your mobile phone, plan maintenance, and more.
    MobileFleet is a platform capable of monitoring any type of movable assets (vehicles, personnel, machinery, etc.) wherever they may be. It lets you do this from any location, thanks to the latest in mobility technology.
    Management and absolute control of your business
  • Stop worrying. MobileFleet will keep you informed.
    There's no need for you to check your data continuously. You can set up a series of alerts that will advise you when a job is not being done correctly, or in the event of an accident, theft, etc. MobileFleet makes it easy.
    You can receive alerts:
    Via SMS
    Voice call.
    GPS from your computer and mobile
  • Reports
    MobileFleet generates and archives all of your vehicle monitoring data.
    You can print these reports from your PC in PDF format or view them in Excel.
    Get immediate access to all of this essential information whenever you need it, to ensure the highest level of management and most efficient use of resources.
    Reports on the routes taken
    Reports on working hours
    Action-effort reports
    Location reports
    Start-up / shut-down reports
    GPS Maps on your computer and mobile
  • Privacy mode
    From the Internet, PSPFleet allows you to specify the days and times during which you want moitoring to be in effect. MobileFleet will only save positions during the predetermined time periods you set.
    Private Calendar alerts
  • Stay green with MobileFleet
    - Improve response times
    - Eliminate off-hours use
    - Reduce idling times by more than 25%
    - Reduce off-route kilometres travelled by 30%
    - Improve driver conduct and efficiency
    - Reducing speeding for better fuel economy
    - Improve vehicle maintenance and extend use life.
    Stay green with MobileFleet
  • Prevent fuel theft
    MobileFleet measures the number of litres in the tank before and after re-fueling, letting you know exactly how many litres the re-fueling contained and preventing any possibility of fraud.
    If a pick or other tool is used to break the cap of a fuel tank to extract the fuel, MobileFleet will send you an alert by e-mail or SMS, while at the same time activating an alarm siren.
    Avoid fuel theft
  • Five display modes
    You can choose how you want to view or locate your vehicles: map, 3D, satellite, or hybrid, or street view.
    Official Google Maps cartography. Includes StreetView.
    Worldwide Coverage: For both maps and communications.
    Updates for the maps, the web page, and the GPS localizers.
    Five display modes