Reports and histories
Immediate access to essential data and records.
  MobileFleet generates and archives all of your vehicle monitoring data. You can print these reports from your PC in PDF format, or view them in Excel.
  Get immediate access to all of this essential information whenever you may need it, to ensure the highest level of management and to optimise your use of resources.
Routes taken report
Report routes made
Make sure your vehicle is travelling along the best route, or monitor stopping points.
The exact route that a vehicle has travelled can be verified. MobileFleet records these positions so they can be viewed for 3 months.
You can print these, and can also generate your own route file, containing all of the necessary data.
Working hours report
Report on working hours
Find out exactly how many hours have been worked and the times during which your vehicles or equipment have been stopped.
A simple chart shows you the working hours per day of each of your vehicles.
Action-effort report
Report action-force
Highly useful for dumper trucks and lorries.
Tells you the number of drop-offs made by a dumper truck, container lorry, etc.
Also tells you the time required to complete each drop-off.
Route analysis report
Report path analysis
You can analyse the route travelled by a vehicle in one glance, viewing the travel times, average and maximum speeds, and distances covered.
Infraction analysis report
Analysis report violations
Configure a set of infractions for each vehicle, such as excess speed, excess use, use after a particular time, etc. The system then automatically sends you a detailed report of all of the infractions committed.
Other reports
Reports varied MobileFleet
Get reports related to locations, start-ups/shut-downs, alerts, etc.
MobileFleet is designed to offer you all of the information you need to optimise your company's resource usage. All of the reports and histories can be exported and printed in Excel or PDF format.