The company

PSP security and automotive
2001 Establishment of the
company PsP s.l., with the principal objective of satisfying the needs of the automation market.
MobileFleet control of vehicles and fleets from Mobile
2003 Creation of the R&D department, which develops the MobileFleetplatform, dedicated to fleet management, monitoring, and optimisation.
AlertPhone control vehicles without fee
2008 Development, manufacture, and launching of our own GPRS/GPR localization unit under the brand name AlertPhone.
Uvica control vehicles without fee
2011 Launching of Uvica, the FREE GPS localisation system.
building MobileFleet
Our efforts are centred on customer satisfaction,
as well as on technological innovation.
We employ a large team of young and dynamic professionals,
who are capable of adapting quickly to
the needs of the market.
We study and analyse the needs of our customers
in order to offer real solutions.
Our motto is: “We work hard to find the
best solution for your needs”..
We offer a product that is 100% our own: We design,
manufacture, sell, install, and maintain
our equipment
. This gives us the ability
to adapt and satisfy the needs of
each of our individual customers.
Currently, we have more than 3,000 satisfied clients,
who are ready to recommend our services.
We have a nationwide presence in Spain.
Save time and cut costs
in the immediate future
ake just a few minutes to look through this site, and you will see all of the benefits that MobileFleet can bring. Our product is oriented towards optimisation and savings, and will help you manage your fleet of vehicles better. We offer a complete solution for every industry: lorries, commercial vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, buses, caravans, camper-trailers, construction machinery, electrical generators, ATMs, and electrical cars.

We offer 12 years of experience in security and automation, and a young and professional team of employees. Throughout our history we have studied and analysed the needs of the market, and we offer real solutions that provide savings and peace of mind. We satisfy many major market needs, with highlights including: monitoring of driving hours, saving fuel, compliance with established routes, and savings in customer response times.

This technology, including hardware and software, is 100% designed and produced in Spain. We manufacture and sell our own products, with the most competitive prices on the market. We control the entire product cycle, which works to our advantage in terms of responding quickly to any customer demands in a personalised manner, and we can accommodate special applications when necessary. Our technology can be “custom tailored” for you business.
our savings from the use of our product will justify the initial investment. Just contact us to request information, and you will receive a reply from our professional team. More than 3,000 clients already have.
Carlos González Dios
General Manager of PSP
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