Localisation and management

These are the main features offered by MobileFleet:
Location MobileFleet
Real-time fleet monitoring
View the location of your entire fleet in real time.
Know what your vehicles are doing.
Verify that they are travelling the correct route, etc.
You have full control.
Calendar MobileFleet
Privacy mode
Using PSPFleet, you can specify dates and times during which
you want monitoring to occur.
MobileFleet will only save positions during the predetermined time periods
you set.
Fuel control
Fuel monitoring
MobileFleet will keep you informed of the fuel levels
in each of your vehicles at all times. You will also be informed in
the event of a fuel theft.
Control routes from Mobile
Send routes to a mobile phone
If any of your drivers becomes lost, you can send the exact route to be
followed to the driver’s mobile phone.
Four display modes
You decide how you want to view or locate your vehicles: map, 3D, satellite, or hybrid.