Cognitive Adaptive Man-Machine Interface

Cognitive Adaptive Man-Machine Interface
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  In a set of different domains like next-generation flight-management systems for aircraft, UAV for Civil and security applications, Infrastructure Management Systems and high-speed Driver Assistance Systems in the rail domain and in large and complex industrial plants, adaptive cognitive man-machine interface and human-centered communication can be exploited to improve the level of operational performances and safety.

  CAMMI provides innovative solutions for intelligent multi-modal interactive systems:

  1.Cognitive Monitor
  To monitor human cognitive state through operator and performance data acquisition and data processing, in order to optimize MMI interactions through workload mitigation methods.

  2.Workload Mitigator
  To assess and manage the measured cognitive state in order to understand any mismatch between the operator's current workload and the operational situation and to select the correct automatic MMI adaptation strategy.

  3.Adaptive MMI
  Implementation of workload-related adaptive strategies in order to trigger levels of automation assistance in multiple task and critical situations.