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Vehicle and fleet management for the
Management and monitoring for your business. Savings and peace of mind for you
A fast, easy, and absolutely reliable tool that provides you with all of the information you need about your vehicles.
Secure access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via the Internet or using your mobile phone.
Official Google Maps cartography, which allows you to view your vehicles with the latest update available.
No hidden costs. Updates and SIM card included.
An exclusive product, designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by our technical personnel.
We listen to your needs, analyse them, and incorporate them without additional expense. MobileFleet is an open project.
Added value for the mining sector
Real-time fleet monitoring and route management
Control of the fleet in real time and route management
  • MobileFleet allows you to create, organize, manage, and verify any route and its objectives:
    • - Passenger pick-up.
    • - Delivery of goods.
    • - Monitor sites visited.
  • You can generate your own library of regularly travelled routes for your future use.
  • The routes that vehicles should travel can be programmed.
  • The system compares these routes with those actually taken, generating alerts and reports when a vehicle fails to follow the established routes.
Prevention of fuel theft
Fuel theft prevention
  • If the cap to a fuel tank or the tank itself is punctured, MobileFleet detects the activity and activates the installed alarm. At the same time, the system sends an SMS to the person responsible for the vehicle.
  • Re-fuelling fraud by vehicle drivers. The driver fills his truck's tank and also steals part of the fuel, pumping it into one or more portable containers for personal use.
    In this case MobileFleet measures the number of litres in the tank before and after re-fuelling, indicating the exact number of litres actually filled.
Prevention of vehicle robberies
Vehicle Theft Prevention
  • In the event of vehicle robbery, an engine shut-off switch can be activated:
    • - From the website.
    • - From a mobile phone.
    • - Security Zones:
    • You can create security zones, where if a vehicle enters, the engine shut-off switch will be automatically activated. For example, upon crossing a border.
Driving style report
Report driving style
  • Errors committed by the driver are shown, as well as any licensing issues. The following parameters are recorded:
    • - Acceleration.
    • - Abrupt Braking.
    • - Speeding in reduced speed zones.
Driver identification
Driver identification
  • To start the vehicle, the driver must first be identified. Otherwise, the vehicle will not start.
  • With this identification, a report can be generated showing all of the errors committed by an individual driver.
Activation of a buzzer in reduced speed zones
Activating the buzzer in areas with limited speed
  • The buzzer sounds inside of the vehicle when the driver exceeds the established speed limit. This warning continues to sound until the speed returns to within the established value.
  • The infraction is also recorded in the Driving Style report.
How does it work?
MobileFleet is a software platform designed for the MONITORING and LOCALISATION of any mobile object. Management of MobileFleet can take place using a simple mobile phone or any computer. Communication between the vehicle and MobileFleet is provided through the latest GPS-GSM/GPRS technology.
Our product is made up of two elements (hardware and software), which give you real-time access to various types of data including position, route, speed, etc.
Central unit or AlertPhone®
This is installed in the vehicle itself.
It can be installed in any type of moving object
: lorries, buses, machinery, etc.
mining fleet
This is the application that gives the system its name. It allows communication between the central unit and your mobile phone.
Communication is instantaneous and direct, with no intermediate steps.
MobileFleet on mobile
This is the management application, which you can access via the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
You can gain access simply by entering your user name and password.
MobileFleet on computer