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MobileFleet is a service designed for:
  • Companies which have fleets of vehicles, but do not need a costly, complicated tool for vehicle monitoring.
  • Companies that want to increase the productivity and security of their vehicles.
  • Companies that want to know the locations of their vehicles in real time while monitoring personnel.
Vehicles MobileFleet
The MobleFleet service offers:
  • Fleet Management as a one-time expense with NO hidden costs:
  • Management and localisation of the fleet through:
    • The website www., with secure access 365 days a year.
    • From a mobile phone: Specific applications available for:
          iPhone - Android - Blackberry - Windows Mobile - Palm - J2ME.
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  • Movistar SIM card with communications costs INCLUDED.
  • Official Google Maps cartography. Includes Street View.
  • Worldwide Coverage: For both maps and communications.
  • Open Project: We will listen to to your needs, analysing them and incorporating them into your service at NO EXTRA COST.
  • Updates for the maps, the web page, and the GPS localizers.
  • The product is entirely designed and produced by us, in Spain.
  • Installation.
  • Post-Sales Support
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