MobileFleet optimises the performance of all types of vehicles, machinery, and fleets.
Lorries, trailers, and special transport vehicles
Trucks, trailers and special transport
Monitor fuel levels, open doors, and alarm functioning. Monitor vehicles across all of Europe.
MobileFleet is especially valuable for fleets of lorries, buses, etc., whether these operation nationally or internationally.
Public works machinery, generator units, etc.
Public works machinery and generators
In addition to its standard functions, MobileFleet allows you to retrieve complete sets of data related to machinery productivity and activity, e.g. working hours, start-up/shut-down times, relocation, etc.
Vans and commercial vehicles
Vans and commercial vehicles
Location, speed and activity monitoring.
Alarm functioning. Ensures the monitoring and management of fleets or work teams comprising multiple vehicles.
Cars and motorcycles
Cars and motorcycles
With MobileFleet you can monitor the position, speed, and activity of a car or motorcycle.
It also serves as an excellent alarm for all types of vehicle.
All types of vessels
All types of boats
MobileFleet is a light, simple, responsive and reliable tool that gives you all the information you need on your vessel.