Added value

Make sure your vehicle is travelling along the best route, or monitor locations visited. The exact route that a vehicle has travelled can be verified.
Vehicle routes MobileFleet
Alerts sent at programmable time intervals: Sent by: Email - SMS - Voice.
You decide when you want to receive alerts.
System alerts MobileFleet
Reports: Send according to programmable schedule.
All of the reports and histories can be exported and printed in Excel or PDF format.
Automatic reporting of MobileFleet
Maintenance Planning Module.
This module allows management of vehicle maintenance.
Planning - Plan vehicle maintenance based upon number of kilometres travelled.
Alerts - MobileFleet generates an alert when maintenance needs to be performed.
Reports - For maintenance tasks performed and those still pending.
Maintenance scheduling module of MobileFleet
Route Module: Warnings about route detours that may exist.
Produce improvements: Tactical. Strategic and Operational.
This module allows Organisation, Management, and Verification of all of the information related to management of daily routes for:
  • Passenger services.
  • Deliveries.
  • Monitor sites visited.
With the route module, you can:
  • Create the routes.
  • Verify compliance with the routes.
  • Receive notices: - When a vehicle passes a given point.
  • - When a non-compliance occurs.
  • Manage routes for future use.
Module planned routes MobileFleet
  • Monitor and verify the punctuality of deliveries/passenger services.
  • Identify routes with traffic.
  • Discover new business opportunities.
  • Improve response to customers.
  • Utilise resources better.
Points of interest: Entry, exit, trip reports.
This module allows Organisation and Management of all points of interest related to your routes: Customers, branch offices, warehouses, etc.
Benefits of Monitoring and Verification:
  • Of the locations visited.
  • Of loading/unloading times at warehouses.
  • Of the length of time a vehicle is stopped at a customer's location.
Graphic Interface
Points of Interest
Gestion points of interest